Home Energy Efficiency Evaluations

At Green Initiatives Energy Consultants (GIEC), we are passionate about energy and environmental conservation. We are committed to providing Air Tightness Testing, Energy Efficiency Modeling and reports to homeowners across Canada.

Are you a homeowner looking to make energy efficiency upgrades and tap into the various incentive programs from the government? The first step is to have an energy audit done prior to the retrofits; GIEC will handle the energy audit before and after the retrofits so you can take advantage of the monetary incentives.

EnerGuide Home Evaluations

At GIEC we use proprietary HOT2000 software to model your home. The result is a 3 part report: The EnerGuide label – which compares your home energy efficiency to other similar homes in Ontario. The homeowner information sheet – which is a comprehensive report about your home’s characteristics and the renovation upgrade report – in which we make energy efficiency recommendations along with available incentives for those upgrades. This EnerGuide home evaluation is a good starting point to making your home more energy-efficient. Together we can achieve our climate goals as a nation to be Net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2050.

Industry Association

Proudly, a member of the Canadian Association of Consulting Energy Advisors

Air Tightness Testing

Using a blower door test equipment, we are able to tell how air tight your home is. It also enables us to show you a few areas susceptible to air leakage. Controlling your home’s air leakage, is a big part of keeping your heat in. Following the test and modeling of your home in HOT2000, we will be able to provide you with the equivalent air leakage area of your home and recommend remedial action as well as identify any government grants you are eligible for.

EnerGuide and HOT2000 are official marks of the Ministry of Natural Resources Canada

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